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Bill Stone is an engineer, inventor and explorer, known particularly for exploring ultra-deep caves, sometimes with autonomous robots. He has participated in over 75 international expeditions and has spent more than 9 years in the field, including 795 days spent operating from remote underground camps as deep as 1,500 meters beneath the surface of the Earth as well as a year in Antarctica on scientific and engineering missions. In the spring of 2021 he led the 4-month National Geographic sponsored expedition to Cueva Cheve that established a record for the most remote place yet reached inside the Earth in a natural cavern, during which he was underground, without sunlight, for 29 straight days on the final push.His expeditions have been a litany of firsts: 1981: the first use of composite ultra pressure diving systems; 1984: the first underground camps beyond underwater tunnels; 1987: the first extensive use of helium breathing mixtures for exploration diving, considered the start of the Technical Diving revolution; 1994: first use of electronic closed circuit diving systems for exploration diving; 1999: the first 3D digital cave map and the first saturation cave diving; 2007: robotic exploration and mapping of the world’s deepest hydrothermal spring; 2008-2010: the first robotic exploration of an Antarctic sub-glacial lake; 2015 the first autonomous underwater vehicle to explore under the McMurdo ice shelf; 2019: the first fully autonomous exploration of a completely unknown place inside the Earth; 2021: the most remote underground camp ever established.He is CEO of Stone Aerospace, an organization that has pioneered novel robotic systems for exploration and life search on outer planet icy moons including 4 generations of sub-ice autonomous underwater vehicles and three generations of “cryobots” (ice penetrating robots). The most advanced of these devices – SUNFISH, an ultra-maneuverable autonomous underwater exploration vehicle, and THOR, a full scale nuclear power compatible cryobot – are the world’s leading contenders for the flight vehicle that will search for life in the subsurface ocean of Jupiter’s moon Europa.He holds 32 issued patents and 8 patents-pending and serves on the board of directors of five corporations. His Texas-based Shackleton Energy Company, or SEC, intends to raise $15 billion – the approximate cost of a North Sea oil production platform complex – to mine ice thought to be trapped on the moon’s southern pole at Shackleton Crater, and to sell derived products, including propellants and other consumables, on the moon and in low earth orbit (LEO) to international consumers.Contact a speaker booking agent to check availability on Bill Stone and other top speakers and celebrities.

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