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Fact: Only 6% of American workers say they love their jobs. And, over 55% say they hate their jobs. It is estimated that this reality costs American companies over $300 Billion annually just on stress-related claims. And this doesn’t even consider what it costs companies in terms of absenteeism, turnover, and loss of creativity and productivity. When you add it all up, the cost is in the trillions!Fact: 90% of the companies that start each year in the USA fail within the first 10 years. Of the ones that do survive, only 10% ever reach their full potential. The simple explanation for this is that we have been taught, as leaders, to believe a number of things that are simply not true. Like if you know the right things to do and do them you’ll be successful. Or, if you are really smart and work hard, you’ll be successful. Or, it’s whom you know or just plain luck. None of these things are true. They are all myths. We’re looking for downtown Chicago with a street map of Detroit.Fact: All too many leaders these days are looking at the bleak economic news to determine what the future holds in store for them. This is really sad because the news is indeed pretty bleak and as I tell all of my clients, this recession/depression is an optional game and you truly can choose not to play.Here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be this way and it surely does not have to be this way for your meeting attendees.“The response from the participants was overwhelmingly positive and quite a few attendees went out of their way to seek me out and thank me for bringing you back. In fact, several people said that you were the main reason they come back to the convention year after year and so I personally appreciate how much you help us put on a successful event. And, of course, we look forward to having you back next year.” Julie Gensler, Trade Show CoordinatorScott Hunter has been transforming organizations for over two decades, through keynote speeches, workshops, retreats and management team coaching.Scott works as a successful business coach and speaker. He speaks to thousands of people each year and shares advice with CEOs of corporations of all sizes. His book, Unshackled Leadership, has received successful reviews and garnered a following among executives, professionals and students. He’s been recognized as an “expert” on over 50 radio talk shows and appeared on a number of television news programs. And he makes time for his favorite avocation: traveling to explore new countries and scenes around the world.Contact a speaker booking agent to check availability on Scott Hunter and other top speakers and celebrities.

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