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You will be captivated by Susan Carnahan’s enthusiasm for life. Her humor and talk-show style animates audience interaction with the how-to’s of leadership today. She has a content-driven message delivered with a comedian style.With over 20 years in advertising, marketing, and finance, she has turned her talent toward speaking and motivating for over the last 16 years. Speaking to over 150,000 individuals a year from the Chickasaw Indian Reservation in Oklahoma to Kemper Insurance, Ford, Kodak, Ping, and Arizona Power companies and individuals across North America have used Susan’s methods to achieve new levels of prosperity, happiness, and productivity.Susan has shared the platform with such professionals as Secretary of State Colin Powell, Barbara Walters, Magic Johnson, Dr. Joyce Brothers, and Maya Angelou. Along with her latest co-authored book, Motivational Leaders, Susan wrote and recorded the audio cassette programs Lessons in Leadership and What’s Sex Got To Do With It? Her articles on office politics and communication savvy have appeared in various professional trade publications and local papers when she speaks.Susan is a woman who inspires, motivates, and moves audiences to laughter like no other speaker they have heard.Most Requested Topics:*How to Manage Your Mouth—and other strategic communication skills! Effective communication is a combination of knowing what to say and when to say it. Individuals who have successfully combined these two skills succeed as managers and supervisors in business today. *What’s Sex Got To Do With It? Understanding the differences in the way men and women talk, lead, buy and sell, and work together on teams! Susan presents a fair and square look at the differences in the way men and women communicate. We all know it’s often not what you say, but how you say it, that counts. The success or failure of any relationship at home or on the job depends on conversational signals¼ and how they mesh or clash with other’s style. Susan enthusiastically evaluates these contrasts through humor, facts and documented research, then relates it all to the areas of leadership, team building customer service and sales. *The Leadership Challenge—There was a time when brains were everything! Learn the skills that will help you create and communicate a vision, build a productive team, and resolve inevitable conflicts. Susan gives you five critical ways to address negativity and low morale in your organization. She underscores the necessity for accountability, conflict resolution skills, and giving individuals a voice. More critically, leadership begins within. Susan addresses personal roadblocks to effective leadership and how to overcome an obsolete management style. *From BeBop to HipHop—Managing the generations and more! Did you ever notice how the workplace is changing today? It isn’t a matter of doing things the right way… it’s a matter of doing things the most effective way. Results count! In this humorous and content-filled talk, Susan introduces you to the four generations that make up the workplace today. She teaches you techniques on how to hire them, motivate them, retain them, and work effectively together on teams. *Self-Empowered Excellence—How to build confidence, competence and composure for personal and professional impact! In the changing work environment today, you often hear the buzz words TQM… self-directed work teams… team leadership… participatory management… empowerment. Have you noticed how hard it is to empower people when they lack the skills of self-management? In this seminar, Susan teaches techniques on bringing order and balance to a demanding lifestyle; setting priorities and staying on track; controlling emotions and self-limiting fears; turning securities into confident communication; and being a happier, more successful human being. *The 8 Dumbest Mistakes Smart People Make! Life is managed; it is not cured. Vince Lombardi once said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” In this session, Susan brings you face to face with eight common barriers that stop you from taking charge of your life–and holding on. If you are a perfectionist, procrastinator, pleaser, play-it-safer, or super hero… this talk is for you! Join Susan in a lively wake-up call for you, your career and your life. *It’s Never Too Late To Be What Might Have Been! Change is frightening because it surrounds the unknown. This inspiring keynote, or full day training course, will help you look forward to, and even create change as a mechanism in reaching new horizons and goals. Experience Susan’s message on how to open yourself to challenges and learn what you must let go of in order to transform your life. *Persuasion Power: The Art of Letting Others Have Your Way! How would you like to convince your boss that you deserve a three-week paid vacation? What about selling your cost-saving idea to management? Or persuading your spouse to clean the house or take out the trash without a fight? Maybe you’d like your children to do their homework without a hassle? Then you need to brush up on your negotiating skills. Whether you know it or not, every day you encounter situations where you need to communicate clearly and effectively in business and in life … better known as negotiating! Susan Carnahan’s session is filled with tips and techniques for refining your listening, selling, and persuasion skills to help you get what you want using style, tact and ease. *The 6 Worst Mistakes You Will Ever Make Marketing and Selling to the Opposite Sex! We are continually searching for the proverbial “hook” in sales. What exactly does the customer want in order to buy exactly what it is we have to sell? Certainly shopping means different things to different people at different times, but bring gender differences into this equation and shopping becomes as much a science as it does a skill. Men and women differ in just about every other way, so why should the need, as well as the reason to buy your product be any different. Join Susan Carnahan in an entertaining yet factually researched insight into the many differences in the opposite sex, and then apply this information to your advertising and marketing skills so you can increase your bottom line today!Contact a speaker booking agent to check availability on Susan Carnahan and other top speakers and celebrities.

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